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My Mom has been at Faith, Hope & Love for a little over 2 years now. When she first moved in we had just had the funeral service for my Dad 2 days before. My Mom and Dad were married 60 years.

Brian, Chandra, and their wonderful staff were so loving and kind to my Mom through this difficult time that it truly made a difference in her healing process. She had been diagnosed with Dementia the year before so their expertise in this area really helped her to adjust.

We pick their facility because of their exercise program and the planned activities we did not want a facility that would just let her wither away all day doing nothing. They treat my Mom like a member of their own family not just a customer. I would highly recommend their facility to any of my family, co-workers, or friends at church.

Jack & Ruth N.

My mother, Margretta Burton, was 86 years old, bedridden for one year and on hospice. Her husband, Larry had died six months prior. My mother had been in two other care facilities before Faith Hope and Love. She was cared for but they did not provide the loving care which is needed when we get older. Then I found Faith, Hope and Love, owned by Brian and Chandra Concannon.

The care and love was there in abundance! The hand picked staff was excellent. When my mother passed away, she did so in the most peaceful, respectful and loving environment that a person could hope for.

If you are looking for a peaceful, loving,Christian environment for your family member or loved one, I recommend Faith, Hope and Love. They truly care.

Vicki F.

Once upon a time, no, that is not how this goes. My first time in a situation where I needed to look for a residence where my Mother could stay without having any fear of not being taken care of, just as if she was at home.

A friend told me of Faith, Hope, and Love ... a brand new facility and Mother would be their first resident. Prior to Mother's release from the hospital, a staff member was at the hospital and was treated as if a family member. Mother's transition to the residence went very well since she was not a total stranger already having met a staff member.

There is an old saying about buying a new car model and that one should wait a couple of years so the bugs can be corrected. No way in the world was this the case with Faith, Hope, and Love.

Mother was very happy in her new residence ... except maybe sometimes when returning from Sunday family suppers. However, it did not take long for her to boot me out so she could enjoy FHL's atmosphere. Not to say she did not love her family.

We were always welcomed at FHL, visiting hours almost did not exist. And if we got there at the right time, lunch or supper was offered to us. Mother really enjoyed it when I would be there for supper ... some of those times being a holiday and pictures (goofy and normal) would be taken so we could share with other family members not in the area.

Even with the passing of Mother, FHL continues to keep us as part of their family and an environment full of a caring and friendly atmosphere.

Jim T.

My wife and I are extremely pleased with Faith Hope and Love. It's truly unique, and different from all of the places we've seen. We fell in love with it on our first visit and feel that God has truly led us here. Mom and Dad moved here in December of 2010. They went the first husband-and-wife couple to live here and they fit in quickly.

The owners, Brian and Chandra, give their all to care for everyone here. The feeling of 'home' is felt throughout the facility. The house is modern, roomy and always super clean. The neighborhood is quiet and safe, and they have a great view of the mountains through the large windows on the back wall of the living room.

Mom passed away of a sudden heart attack in November (2011). When I arrived at the hospital, Brian & Chandra were there for me, at her bedside. It was a great comfort to me for them to be there.

Brian quickly reorganized things to get dad into a smaller room which he likes very much. We wouldn't think of taking him out of this place where he is loved and cared for so much. We're so thankful that my dad has a place that he calls home.

Mike & Roseann R.

When my Mother passed away, and my elderly Father could no longer safely stay in his home, I was overjoyed and relieved to find Faith Hope and Love.

Mr. and Mrs. Concannon have taken my Father into their lives and provided a safe, secure, and loving environment that my Father immediately accepted and enjoyed. He is happy and well cared for by a conscientious staff who pleasantly attend to his needs both physical and emotional.

I would recommend the Concannons and their caring staff to anyone concerned for their family members well being.

Debbie H.

Our family is extremely pleased with the care our mother receives. The staff at Faith, Hope and Love assisted living are wonderful. They are dedicated and compassionate care givers.

Brian and Chandra Concannon, and the staff of Faith, Hope, and Love have our complete trust with the care and well being of our mother. They have truly created a safe and loving home for her.

The Montana Family

Exactly one year ago, life for my dad and I changed dramatically...we found Faith Hope & Love. As soon as I walked into the gorgeous home I knew this was where I wanted my dad to live. Both Brian and Chandra welcomed both of us into their family. Though it was only dad that was residing there, they were so warm and welcoming towards me as well.

The staff immediately began bonding with dad... asking him what his hobbies were, his favorite foods, etc. My dad is not a big talker, but he warmed up to the other residents and the staff as well. From the beginning, I observed their activities around the dining room table... ranging from eating their meals and snacks together, to playing dominoes. The residents all respect each other and the atmosphere is so warm and inviting.

Faith Hope and Love has provided essential tools that nurture and stimulate my dad as well as the other residents. There is consistency with their schedules. There is compassion. All the staff truly care about the residents and I often come to find them sitting at the dining room table chatting away. There is true friendship and trust.

In addition to all of the social nourishment my dad receives, Faith Hope & Love has taken care of his medical issues as well. For the past 6 years I have been the only one responsible for the care of my dad. My brother passed away and my mom passed six years ago. Turning the reigns over to other people to help with the care of my dad was a difficult thing for me. However, I soon realized that they treated my dad as if he was part of their family. For the first time, I didn't feel like I was doing this alone. I am still extremely involved in my dad's life, but having Faith Hope & Love share this with me is a feeling that words cannot explain. Being grateful is a huge understatement!!!

I hope Brian and Chandra... Faith Hope & Love... realize what a gift they are giving to me, my dad, and all the other residents and their families. These residents have lived rich, fulfilling lives, but at this stage in their lives, require assistance. Without Faith Hope & Love, most of the residents would be in a nursing facility... not a beautiful, private residence run by caring, sensitive and knowledgeable people. How blessed I am to have been put in the path of Faith Hope & Love. I am forever grateful.

Karen T.

The Crilly family wishes to thank Chandra and Brian Concannon, Ginny Bauer and the daily caregivers at Faith, Hope and Love Assisted Living for all the love and care they provided to our mom/grandma during her final 18 months. The staff, always attentive, kept us promptly informed of any changes or health issues that arose and we were comforted in the knowledge that she was safe and secure. We recommend Faith, Hope and Love Assisted Living for any family with a love one in need of 24/7 care.

Crilly family

A little over a year ago, I had the good fortune to be able to move my friend Katie to the care of Faith Hope & Love. Being 100 years old at the time and not liking change, Katie was very resistant and uncooperative about the move. The staff at Faith Hope and Love was very patient and understanding with her. Within a very short time, Katie was won over and telling me how good everyone was to her and what a nice place it was.

During the past year, Katie has come to feel completely at home and enjoys participating in the music, games, crafts, social activities, and religious services arranged by Faith Hope and Love. She is being completely cared for in body, mind and spirit by a very professional and caring staff. Now, at 101, Katie is even more alert and physically active than she was a year ago. I also have the peace of mind of knowing that Katie is receiving the very best care possible. I am grateful to Faith Hope and Love for their loving and considerate care.

Mary H.

Our family is extremely pleased with the care our Mom is receiving at Faith, Hope & Love. When it was determined that she could no longer be alone we looked long and hard for an environment that would accommodate all of her needs. Faith, Hope and Love is that and more.

We first met with Chandra and Brian and knew after speaking with them and seeing the home, that this was what we were looking for. They are very loving and compassionate people and take an enormous amount of pride in their business.

The administrator Kim and all the staff are wonderful, loving and caring individuals and treat the residents as if they are family. Our Mom is happy, content, peaceful and very well taken care of. We couldn't be more pleased and would recommend this home to anyone.

Patti M.

Faith, Hope, and Love is located in a beautiful upper middle class Riverside neighborhood. The house and the grounds are meticulously maintained.

More importantly the staff provide care in a very loving manner for each and every resident. Because they have no more than 6 residents in a home they are able to individualize the care they provide.

In my experience the caregivers treat my mother as though she were their mother. They demonstrate genuine care, love, and attention. They show that they do the job because they really care about people, it is not just a job for a paycheck to them. They go above and beyond in being kind and loving. I have recommended Faith, Hope, and Love to my friends who may need additional care for their aging parents. I hope that if needed I can get the type of care they provide.


Words can barely express how grateful my family is for Faith, Hope and Love. Not long after my mom's spinal surgery at age 81, she had been in and out of nursing facilities and respite care (both good and very bad), we realized she would require 24/7 care. We did some research and visited a few care facilities/homes when we were blessed to find Faith, Hope and Love.

Mom told me nearly every day for months, "Thank you for finding this place for me." It is a lovely home, clean, quiet and comfortable; providing planned meals and caring staff who pay special attention to the needs of each resident, even throughout the night. The owners have a great love for the elderly and are always available for any questions or concerns. For my mom there could be no better choice. We feel very blessed for her to live at Faith, Hope and Love.

The Lawless Family

When it became apparent that our close friend, Fred, needed assisted care, we did not know where to turn. We looked for a Christian organization and found Faith, Hope and Love Assisted Living. They were able to accommodate him right away. It turned out to be an answer to prayer.

The home itself was well-kept, clean and very lovely. The atmosphere was loving and friendly. All the staff were very personable and paid wonderful attention to each resident. The meals were eaten family style and the food was nutritious and delicious. Activities were planned, but each resident was allowed to participate or not as they chose. We felt free to visit any time and always were made to feel very welcome. We could not have found a better situation for Fred and are so thankful for the wonderful experience he had at Faith, Hope and Love.

The Bishop Family

Words will never be able to express the gratitude and appreciation I feel for Faith Hope and Love.

When it came time for my Mom to move out of her apartment I had an enormous decision to make. Move her to Oregon with me, or honor her wishes and let her live out her life in Riverside. Mom was born in Cincinnati Ohio, but because of my Dad’s service with the US Air Force ended up in Riverside in 1963. As she put it, “All my friends and everything I know are in Riverside. Why would I want to live in Oregon?” All of you at the house can hear her tone can’t you?

Honoring her wish, I began a search for a place for Mom to live. I contacted a group called a Place for Mom and was given a number of local (Riverside) homes to contact. My brother and I traveled to Riverside and began an extensive tour and interview process.

We took a look at 7 different homes situated all around Riverside and ended up going back to our first stop, Faith Hope and Love. I knew the moment I entered the house and met with Brian and Chandra that this was the home for Mom.

My Mom was set in her ways and not the “easiest” person to get along with. Everyone at the house saw how she was, and took it upon themselves to make Mom feel accepted and loved. They provided activities on a regular basis that kept Mom involved and active.

The staff at Faith Hope and Love is the greatest! They treated Mom like a family member and always took the time, and showed the patience necessary, to help her, and make her feel at home. Faith Hope and Love was not a house Mom lived in, but a home, and caring family she lived with. Even in her last days, Chandra, Laura, and Brian took the time to visit her, and watch out for her, during her lengthy hospital stay. That was an enormous blessing and comfort for me.

Everyone at Faith Hope and Love will always have a place in my prayers and in my heart for the wonderful last year’s they gave my Mom, and the peace of mind they provided me. I will never forget them.

I’ve told everyone I know that when it comes time for me to make that same move I hope I am lucky enough, and blessed enough, to find another Faith Hope and Love.

Thank you all for your love, faith, and the care you gave my Mom,

From my brothers, Mike, Tom, Tony, and myself,

David Huff

If I could give a 50,0000 star review I would, and that’s is still not enough.

Moving my 92-year-old mom out of her home that she lived in for 44 years was very difficult and stressful time for me. I always promised her she would live at home until the day she died, no convalescent nursing type place. From many falls she was no longer safe in our home and I couldn’t bring in 24-hour care. I had some referrals of assisted living homes in my area and called and visited many. I was scared to move her into a place not knowing what kind of care would she really get.

I highly recommend Faith Hope & Love – owners Brian and Chandra and their amazing staff, for the excellent care they give for our loved ones.

When I first met with Chandra, she showed me all 3 of her homes. Each home was absolutely beautiful, nice furniture for the residents, nice bedrooms and clean. Each house we went to the staff was so nice. I could have picked an assisted living home that was 5 houses down from where I lived. That would have been very convenient and easy for me, but I just wasn’t feeling it. In my heart I knew that Faith Hope & Love was the right assisted living home for my mom.

After I got her moved in Chandra & Brian and the staff were above and beyond excellent. They truly care for every resident. They are dedicated and compassionate. My mom was not able to get out of bed and they knew that she loved TV, especially the news. She could watch the news all day. The second day my mom was there Brian was hooking up a TV for her, I didn’t ask them, he just did it. They serve home cooked meals that elderly people like to eat.

When my mom was at home I slept with one eye and one ear open at all times, incase she needed me. At Faith Hope & Love I knew 100% she was in good hands and I never lost sleep wondering if she was doing okay, (even on her bad days). I visited with my mom almost everyday and saw first hand how busy the staff was with each of the residents. Sometimes I would call later in the evening or the next morning to see how my mom was. The staff was always so friendly and always knew what was going on with my mom and always had time to talk to me about my mom. I texted Chandra one day to tell her I absolutely LOVE her staff, every single one of them.

I was blessed beyond measure to have found Brian & Chandra - FH&L.

Sandee Dodgen

Sandee Dodgen